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Who is Agnes of Rome? 

On March 7th, 2022, Luke Chacko debuted newly written rock tracks as well as their new accompaniment band, Agnes of Rome, on a small stage in Fort Worth, Texas. Agnes of Rome was created to showcase different types of musicians through Chacko's music and give musicians a new outlook on what it means to perform with a band. Luke Chacko uses different theatrics and performance nuances that are distinct to their shows. The use of the band has helped Chacko discover different possibilities with this new approach by allowing other Musicians to influence their sound.

All original tracks that are performed by Agnes of Rome are written and composed by Luke Chacko.





Luke Chacko is a 17-year-old musician from Arlington, Texas who went viral after Idina Menzel invited Luke and other young audience members on stage to sing "Let It Go" in July 2017.  Luke’s sudden internet fame landed them an appearance on The Ellen Show in September 2017. This provided Luke with a platform to shine a light on the effects of bullying, which they had endured and ultimately overcome. 


Luke has performed around the country at special events and has been given the opportunity to hear from other young people about their experiences and advocate for youth, mental health awareness, and the importance of being your authentic self.  At age 13, Luke was given the opportunity to be one of the Boys & Girls Club National Youth Talent Ambassadors. In this role, Luke has performed in front of A-list celebrities, famous athletes, and business and political influencers.  Through the Boys and Girls Club, Luke also learned firsthand how to be a voice for kids and teens.  


Luke came out to his family about 4 years ago and eventually found a new platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ youth and people of color as a Human Rights Campaign Youth Ambassador. Luke has already used his voice to speak about issues facing LGBTQ+ youth and mental health awareness to organizations like the National Education Association and the Center for Disease Control.  Luke enjoys being a part of an organization that is fighting for equal rights and justice for all.  


Luke writes music from a very personal space--their own struggles with being an LGBTQ+ youth and mental health. They graduated a whole year early at a self-paced, early graduation school in hopes to work on their music career full time. Luke has newly performed with a rock band, Agnes of Rome, and still performs as a solo act at local drag shows. 

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Photos taken by: Jill Rasco



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